Roo 'n Drake's Vore Day Celebration by Roozard

Roo 'n Drake's Vore Day Celebration


8 August 2016 at 20:27:47 MDT

So.. I have no idea who's house this was, but it's probably not going to last much longer at the rate these two are going. Whoever's it was though, Gecko and Lana certainly don't have a say in it anymore~ At least a Roo seems content in his food coma while he's digesting the rest of the erm.. owners, guests.. prey, lets just go with that~ And Drake couldn't be happier with his honey's big bulgy belly bed, muffled gurgles 'n blorps make for a lovely lullaby to take a cat nap to~

This amazing gift was done the sweetest guy in the world, Geckomania~
If you haven't already, please go follow 'em on here 'n on Twitter to see more of his adorable, and lovely work~


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    I've been trying to get a tag going.
    "Vore Enabler."
    Someone that feeds, encourages, or rubs the belly of a pred.

    Just cause it's so hard to find.