Rooth and Aram, by Noben by Rooth

Rooth and Aram, by Noben


24 December 2013 at 11:57:28 MST

noben had a bit of a crisis and put out a call for help last week (a long time ago!). I love her work and her webcomic, Altermeta, so I answered the call (and then some). This is a unique picture, as Rooth and Aram had never been depicted together! They're from different worlds, but I wanted them both rendered as Kuvrahkians, so it was the perfect opportunity to bring them together. Here we see Aram, the babe on the right, training Rooth in the arts martial. Rooth, however, is a n00b, and has a lot to learn, clearly. ;)

It was quite a pleasure to watch this being created on Noben's Watchtail stream, and I'm continually amazed by how awesome her greyscales are! The highlights and lighting are added last, in quick succession, and it really pops the image to life. A thrill to watch, really! And the pose is just about what I imagined, though noben wishes it were more dynamic and interesting. Perhaps we can fix that, but it's already pretty rad to me! 8D Could it be another angle would be better?

Art © noben

Characters Rooth & Aram © 1991-2013 me

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