Yay College by Rooibos

Yay College


19 May 2014 at 20:56:59 MDT

Wanted to post this doodle I did for my GoFundMe page! The site doesn't let you do a whole lot of customizing. So, I thought I'd try to fancy-up my cover photo so people can actually see some of my artwork on the page somewhere (since it's what I'm going to school for and all).

I have a LOT of warm-colored characters OOPS. (also please don't laugh at my dumb face)

If you're at all interested in donating to my college fund, please see my GoFundMe page HERE (and also my wife has one too: HERE!!!)

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    I love your smile.

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      Oh my gosh that's so sweet, thank you!! ahaha I smile most of the time.

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    You've got a great smile! I am unable to not smirk when I know a photo is being taken. Like.. an inch difference in mouth edges. I had to stare at my awful school photo smirk for YEARS while it hung on the wall at the top of the stairs. >..< I am sure it contributed to my overall dislike of being in photos.

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      OMG I know what you mean. I HATE posing for photos, candid shots always look way better IMO.

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    You ROCK that hair style.

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      OH WEH THANK YOU!! I really appreciate that, gosh. It keeps me cool in the Florida heat, that's for sure.

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    Any college of design is expensive :-/ best of luck. funding my own studies at the moment I'm afraid. perhaps once I get my paycheck I'll send Aussie $30 your way