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RomyvdHel / 25 / The Netherlands

Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed


Hello, I'm RomyvdHel, some of you may know as just "Romy" or maybe even from way back "Stoneheart-sister". I have recently joined Weasyl but have been active on Deviantart for about 7 years.

I am most experienced with drawing animals but actually draw a lot of other things as well. I'm comfortable with about any animal, furries, humans, Pokemon, aliens etc. I'll try almost anything. However, I am not very experienced with realism and do have some limits on subjects I will and will not draw; More information Here.

I generally draw whatever I'm currently obsessed with or commission work <3



Full Body, Coloured, Shaded
€ 30.00


Flat Colour
from € 35.00
to € 40.00
Sketch, Coloured
from € 25.00
to € 30.00
Sketch, Uncoloured
from € 20.00
to € 25.00
add  +1 added character (flat-colour)
€ 20.00
add  +1 added character (Shaded)
€ 25.00
add  + Armour or very detailed clothing
from € 5.00
to € 10.00
add  Full Colour, Shaded
€ 5.00

Full Drawing

Full Body, 1x Character, Coloured, Shaded, Background incl.
from € 45.00
to € 65.00
add  +1 added character
€ 25.00
add  + Armour or very detailed clothing
from € 5.00
to € 10.00


Coloured Sketch
€ 10.00
Full Colour, Shaded
€ 20.00
€ 8.00
add  "Painted" Portrait Style
from € 10.00
to € 15.00


Full Colour, Shaded
€ 20.00
add  Simple Animation
€ 5.00


Flat Colour, 1x Full Body Shot, 1x headshot
€ 40.00
add  +1 extra Full Body shot
€ 25.00
add  +1 extra non-full body illustration
€ 15.00

Pricing Details:
Payment will be done just before I start your commission, so not in advance and not afterward. When you have a reserved slot, I'll send you a message when I'm going to start with you drawing and within a week from this message, the payment must be made with Paypal or Ideal.
  • I will only offer a full refund if you cancel a commission BEFORE I made the line art. (Afterwards it depends on the stage of the drawing (Lineart-stage, colour-stage etc.) how much you'll be refunded.   Details: To commission me, please note me and include a brief description of the illustration you want me to make. It would be great if you could send me a clear visual reference of your character/OC/FC or bunch of clear pictures if you want me to draw your pet for example. I could also work with a detailed written description, but it would be great if you could send me some visual examples of features you do and do not like (for example, an example of the characters build, hairstyle etc.).
I can send you previews of every stage or certain stages of the drawing if requested. In the begin stages (Rough sketches for positioning, second sketch and defined sketch) all kinds of DRASTIC changes can be made or added. After I'm done with the line art, I will have to charge for drastic changes. I can still make small changes without a problem.
When the image is completed, I will either upload it to Deviantart, ST.ash or I could email it to you in pdf/png/jpeg/sai/PSD.

After you paid for the drawing, you may use it however you like. You may print it on items like pillows, paper, canvas etc. and you may post the drawing on sites like tumblr, facebook, twitter etc. as long as you give me credit by linking back to my DA page. Do not claim the drawing was drawn by you, that's rather rude and please do not sell the drawing on it's own. (I'm fine if you make pillows or something with my drawing for you on it and sell those, but please do not sell them as prints.)

What I Will and Won't draw.

I will draw:

*Fantasie creatures/Demons/Sonic/Beasts/Monsters/Pokemon ect. 
*Gore/Horror (It can however as Gorey as you like, in extreme cases I might not upload it to my gallery through)
*Simple Robots/Simple Mecha (No transformers)
*Ponies (Own style or show style)
*Furry or Anthro (any species)

What I might draw:
This one is never a 100% certain that I will not reject the order.

* Sexual or erotic themes or fetish themes (These will not be placed on Deviantart. If you are interested in something containing sexual or erotic themes, understand that I might not be comfortable with what you ask of me. I will not draw: Rape/Sexual assault, Pedophilia, Zoophilia/Beastiality (so human X any kind of animal) this does not count for furry/anthro X human or MLP x Human. I am comfortable with most fetishes, although I will not draw any fetish that has some kind of relationship with pregnancy/giving birth or baby-anything.

Please consider Fetish art is very difficult to draw, because of the uncommon poses and character interaction. 

I won't/can't draw:
  • Transformers (I am not comfortable enough with my drawing skills to hang price tags on these.)
  • Racist, Politically influenced, Hate-art or any other kind of image that is meant to clearly insult a certain targeted audience. If you are not sure, if your request will fits this description or not, contact me and I will let you know)
  • Manga/Anime styled drawings (1.I prefer doing my commissions in my own style. 2.I am not comfortable enough with my drawing skills to hang price tags on these.)
  • Realism
  • Real life human beings from photographs (not counting characters being played by actors, Human-sona's ect.) (I'm simply not comfortable with this)
  • Anything pregnancy related or giving birth. 

Contacting me:
Deviantart: RomyvdHel-art

By Commissioning me, you are complying with these Terms of Agreement:
• Do not redistribute, reproduce, or otherwise use any parts of the image for personal profit (i.e. selling it in any form whether digitally or physically) - with the exception of work specifically commissioned, and with previous consent, for commercial use unless we agreed otherwise.
• Personal use of the image is always allowed. 
• The artwork will be copyrighted to myself. You may not claim the artwork as your own. Original characters will still hold the copyright of the original creator/owner.
• I reserve the right to use any images in personal portfolios or advertising material. I will only create prints or other merchandise of the image with your permission.



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