ROC - Rhys Xylvian by RoflCopt_R

ROC - Rhys Xylvian


1 July 2015 at 11:48:46 MDT

Ladies and Gentle-bots, please welcome your host: Rhys Xylvian!!

The first start to the Random OC series.
It's pronounced "Rees Ex-Zilvian" if you didn't know.


  • Robot, seems male.
  • Is the owner of the Rhys Arena and a star host to all the events in the arena.
  • Can hover with the propellers on his back.

Feel free to draw this character as long as you mention me saying it's mines!

Alright shorty's over, now back to commissions xP
Later buds :D

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    He looks like a Mario villain.^^
    Awesome job as always, buddyX3

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    Wow, this is such an amazingly fun design! It's pretty much exactly how I would imagine some kind of futuristic robot ringmaster-type character would look. My one gripe would be that the head looks a bit basic compared to the rest of it, but overall it's just a great looking character, even the belt buckle adds to it! Very nice work, I'd love to see him some more somewhere down the line. =D

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      There's beauty in simplicity, chap. I know I could add a new details here and there, but I made it very very simple for the sake of "ease of understanding"
      I mean he's already got this interesting way of conveying his emotions, so I didn't want to strain my audience with something else to make it look more complex.

      Aside that, thanks for both your input on this character. I rare get people to criticise my stuff x3