Viki, Vuluptuous Vixen by RoflCopt_R

Viki, Vuluptuous Vixen


30 June 2015 at 11:04:48 MDT

Hmm.. a person actually demanding Ralphy to get his "treatment" ? It's new, but to be expected one point or another.

A long waited art trade for me ol' governer, Allentla -- featuring "already busty, made bustier" fox girl, Viki. I swear, I thought it was a cat..
She came up to Ralphy one day and asked for his SET stands for Special Enlargement Treatment. ..okay I feel stupid makin gup names and shite.
So let's just say she wanted her boobs bigger to impress the boys, to my memory..

Oh, and if by any chance you'd like to see her end of the trade here it is:
It involves both Viki and Féonna, being oh so sexy on the beach. :3

Alright on to more projects! Later chaps! :D