Agares' mount - sketch by Rococospade

Agares' mount - sketch


22 March 2020 at 22:46:55 MDT

Was chatting with Savallah about the falsibyl and dug up this sketch of Agares Bat Agrat's mount. I might revisit it soon, it would be fun to fix up.
Agares is supposed to ride around on the back of a crocodile, I gave it long legs like an extinct cousin of alligators and crocs that could sprint on land... I love such things honestly. Anyway the only thing weird about the crocodile for now is his eyes and that he has gills, but that will probably change when I revisit his design/Agares' design. Obviously both need MORE MUSHROOMS. (Because "Agares" makes me think of agaricus, like fly agaricus :3 yes I am a massive geek why do you ask and mushrooms are cool anyway)
I did use reference for the saddle but I still think it's a mess and I should probably be banned from drawing them, oh well, this is how we learn yes?

I know I have a name for this boy but I've forgotten it. Tomorrow I might find it. For now sleep :D good night all

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