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Crave by Rococospade



This is Crave, a magic-borne monster called a Glutton. He's a terrible hedonist that likes to hang out in alternative clubs and honeytrap people by luring them to back alleys then opening that mouth on his torso and scaring them senseless. Sometimes, if he's hungry or dislikes them enough, he'll even try to bite them with it (not very effective, as it functions more as a venus flytrap... but points for effort?)
Since one of his creators needs to get rid of evidence for his work, Crave's meals are sometimes distinctly person-shaped. This would probably upset some people, but, er... Crave doesn't really fall into the reluctant monster camp. He's perfectly content crunching down on parts without asking where they came from or why they ended up with him, and only concerns himself with the welfare of those he has personal attachments to. Kind of a horrible person, all in all.

This was actually a painting I started last October, then ended up shelving because I was frustrated with it... looking at it now there's a lot of things I would have approached differently, but overall I'm still really happy that I did it at all. So I opened it up to finish today!
Also, I gave him a bikini top on a whim. There's no good reason for it, it just amuses me, so it stayed.
Was legitimately unsure whether to put this in horror or pinup. It was designed as both. And, I'm hoping this doesn't actually warrant a content warning? No actual gore, but... I suppose we'll see.

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