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The Mara by Rococospade

The Mara


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A demon skips through the dreamscape preparing for their favorite night, when the veil between worlds grows thinnest...

This is Anastas, a former dog demon. After being drawn into the nightmare world by a strange creature he found himself transformed into something Other. He's handling it remarkably well, and has been taking the opportunity to research the dream world and its denizens while accidentally terrifying innocent dreamers he comes across. He's a pretty cheerful college kid, honestly, that likes spooky things and tasty food. Unfortunately dream creatures don't eat food so much as, you know dreams... so that's been a little difficult on him too.

(Designed for printing on dark colored t-shirts).
A painting I did for the Scary Good contest run by Fan Factory. There are lots of really cool entrants, and voting starts tomorrow, so go have a look and vote on your favorite!
"More giant spiders" is always a good option

This was inspired by spiders and mecha artwork. I'd been wanting to draw Anastas as a nightmare creature for a while now and I figured this was a perfect chance to do it! Was a lot of fun to do something this different from my usual textures/subjects.
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