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First Fursona Pic by Rob Swanson

First Fursona Pic

Rob Swanson

Copy-pasted from the original FA posting.

A few of you might remember that, a few weeks back, I took the plunge and decided to enter the furry fandom. I'd picked a Mongoose as the animal that I wanted to use as a basis for the character because it fit pretty well (There's a journal where I go into detail somewhere, I won't bore you rehashing all the details.) Anyways, I'd figured out what I wanted, it was just an issue of finding the right artist to commission and double-checking that I was sure about the details. zaezar had been on my short-list for a few days and this past Monday I popped into one of his livestreams to see a couple of examples of his art. Well, as it turned out he was doing raffles and I happened to win one of them. So, I sent him an image of a Dwarf Mongoose and said, "There's no real reference pic, just take the fur pattern and colors from there, give it an average adult build and a maroon shirt and It'll be great." (The college I attend, our colors are maroon and gold, so the shirt color came from there.)

Anyways, thanks again zaezar for the pic, it's awesome!

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