RGB Chibi Demon Wings Update! by RoboLemur

RGB Chibi Demon Wings Update!


11 November 2015 at 15:13:37 MST

So, I have made some more wings and have been teaching myself how to airbrush them. I think I am doing an ok job with it.

I'm going to be selling these for $60 painted and assembled, or $45 for white, un-assembled wings.

Both will come with 2yds of 3/4inch non roll elastic to make straps out of.(It's just easier for you to size and sew the straps than it is to try and get good measurements over the interwebs)

I'm willing to try whatever paint combinations you wish to have for the two tones on the wings.

I'm still not sure how much shipping will be as I haven't shipped any yet. Just know that I'm shipping from Kansas City, MO.

I'm not taking orders yet. I'm needing to source good boxes that they will fit in for shipping.

SO, If you are interested in a pair of wings, please leave a comment below so that I know how quickly I need to kick my butt into gear and start producing these!


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