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Public Service Announcement

I say this every couple of years:

Back your stuff up.

There is NO EXCUSE for hardware failure making you lose data. It is the 21st century. Data storage is cheap.

Most people don't have all that much actual important personal data. You don't need to back up your pirated movies and TV shows and crap like that. You can re-pirate it.

Me, I have a few hundred gigs of furry art I've downloaded over the years that I consider 'important' and back up - there have been times I've given artists work they've lost.

But storage is cheap as hell. External hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, DropBox, 'the cloud' in general. Whatever. At least back up your commissions, your emails, your personal photos.

Me, I back up to a Time Capsule that is also duplicated to a RAID5 NAS, with flat backups taken periodically to an external drive, and once a year I burn off BluRays and store them off site.

I don't have my DVD rips backed up, but I can just re-rip them. (And ought to, frankly.)

So in summary: Backups. Lots of backups.

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