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My artistry is mostly self taught. I was drawing before I could read. Most of my work is in traditional 2D media with a very rare foray into sculpture.

A long time fan of science fiction, animation, dark rides, space development, furry and other forms of world building. I've been attending science fiction conventions since 1979 and furry conventions since ConFURence 0 in 1989. I was on staff from CF4 through the last one.

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Badges! Who needs stinking Badges?

on 21 March 2016 at 12:35:27 MDT

You do of course!
And now you can get them in time for your next convention.

Pencil - $15
Ink - $20
Color - $25 (marker and/or color pencil)

Badges are available in two types:
A) Drawn on a 3" x 4" card and placed in a badge holder.
B) Laminated and cut out. 4" x 6" maximum.

For examples see and .

If you are going to CaliFur your badge can be hand delivered free, otherwise shipping will be $5.

Ebay sales have been very slow this month and I could really use some commissions.

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Color pencil/marker

Full Color
$ 50.00

Pencil or Ink

Black & White
$ 35.00

A background or second character will add an additional 80% to the price. The full base price will be added on for each additional character beyond that. A complex background will add 150% to the price. If you want something horrendously detailed I may just start charging by the hour. Also due to the extra work involved in inking a 10% "skunk tax" may apply to dark furred characters. This is just a guide to get started. The exact price can be negotiated based on the final design, size (I usually work 11" x 14"), et cetera. A 50% down payment will be due on approval of the finished layout and the remainder before delivery.
For more details please refer to


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