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basic Colour
from $ 10.00
to $ 25.00


Line sketch
from $ 2.00
to $ 5.00

A Few important notes:

All Payments must be made upfront!
Before sending your payment I will send you a final quote on how much you need to pay
After you've paid, I will be giving you a First WIP sketch of what your commission will look like. If you have any minor tweaks you want me to do, I’ll do them until you’re satisfied; But if you ask for too many changes and/or want me to start over too many times, I will refund you if you are too indecisive with the drawing
-It is out of respect for the both of us. If you like what the sketch looks like after a couple of iterations, then I will finish the commission and notify you via PM or an Email.

All Commissions will be done Digitally
The only time I would ever consider doing Traditional is if my tablet broke or there is a power outage
Otherwise every commission will be made digitally. I will charge for extra money to do something traditionally for you.
All Art pieces will have my Logo/Signature somewhere in Faded Opacity.
( Please Don't try to remove the logo, it will always be well hidden in some of the more of the detailed pictures.)
If it doesn't have my logo, then it's have somewhere on it. If it doesn't have EITHER of those things, then it has my three initials somewhere.

All of these will Take time!
I'm currently second year in animation, so Homework will top Priority for the next year and a half

The List of Will do's and Won't Do's

Will Do:
•Fan Art/Gift Art (From a Comic Series, from a TV show, Game, your OC, etc.)
•Character Wise: Human, Anthropomorphic, Pokemon, (Basically anything).
•Cute and Creepy creatures
•Reference Sheets ( including a colour palette, front side and three-quarter / back view. Remember to just include lots of reference, a detailed descriptions and an optional rough sketch)

Can Do:

•Hand-Held items (I.E: Weapons, Instruments, controllers- As long as I have a good reference of the item I'll be more than happy to draw them.)
•EXTREMELY Detailed Characters/Backgrounds (I like drawing but having to make very fine, technical/detailed drawings might take a lot longer..)
Tasteful Nudity (I will draw anything uncovered from the waist up or the backside, but anything from the waist down front view wise, that will be covered. I will
not draw full blown nudity.)
•Multiple Characters (drawing more than 3 characters that are very detailed will soak up a lot of time.. so please keep in mind

Won't Do:

•Full Blown Nudity (Don't even bother asking. I won't draw berries and bushes.)
•NSFW (that means, no fetishes, no porn, no sex, none of it. Nothing. I won't draw it; no matter how much money you offer.
Not even for a million- I'll never do it.)
•No Swearing ;p
•100% copying a style (because that would be pretty much tracing)
•OC use without Consent (If you are doing something that involves your OC and someone else’s OC (Characters from an Anime/Manga series are not
necessary to ask for permission since a lot of people draw fan art), whether it is a crack shipping or a real shipping or something, I WILL ASK FOR A
SCREENSHOT OF CONSENT FROM THE OTHER OC OWNER! If both characters are yours, then there’s no need. If it’s Gift Art, there’s no need for Consent,
especially if it’s a Birthday gift ;p , I like drawing birthday pictures~)

How To Order

All you really have to do is Fill out this Form and Note me either through DeviantArt or Weasyl

For Normal Commissions

•Email address
•How Many Characters: (max 3 pls.. ) (there is no real limit but please be in mind that the more characters you fling at me the longer it'll take for me to get them
done. Please also be aware that the Sketchie Page is Limited to one character or Couples only.)
•Character References: (Please either Link a reference of them or try to describe them as best as you can with reference pictures too.)
•Type of art: (, Headshot/Bust. If you're getting a Sketchie Page, please tell me if it's a Single, Couples or a Customizable.)
What Kind of Colouring?: (B+W/One Color, Cell, Soft. If you're doing a Sketch Page you might wanna choose both Style and coloring.)

For Icons:

•Email adress
•Character References: (Please either Link a reference of them or try to describe them as best as you can with reference pictures too.)
•What Kind of Expression? (If you select Neutral, it'll just be them smiling.)
•Do you want Text in the picture? (is yes just put down what you want.)

What you get when I'm done:
•PNG format Image of your Art
•Photoshop file of the art

You are free to post or do whatever with the art but I am still the original creator of the art ;)
I might just post it to my portifolio

(Thanks to VanillatheNeko for the solid layout idea)



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