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Contemporary Sally by RinjiPantera

Contemporary Sally


I've always been a fan of the classic Popeye cartoon series. To me, Popeye represented virtues that I had always believed in, such as being who you are and of course, eating a vegetable that gives you the strength to overcome any obstacle...OK so that last one doesn't really work that way in real life, but it did serve as one of the driving forces that got me loving bigger than anatomically possible biceps on women. So back in 2007, Sally became the first human OC I ever created. Why has there been so few pictures of her? Well the short of it is I ended up becoming heavily into anthros and it really took up my interests in the female muscle fandom.

And one truth I've come to accept is that the female muscle community of deviantART just isn't as into "furries" as Weasyl and FurAffinity naturally is. So most of what I posted, both story and picture, got little notice. So I thought it was time I really started to come up with some human OCs, starting with the reinvention and reemergence of Sally herself. Here's a little rundown of what she's about.

Description: Anatomically speaking, she is structured to be similar to her idol in many ways. She has unusually big forearms, though it's not quite apparent here. But that would be because her upper arms are built like a rugged bodybuilder, because while she loves Popeye, she doesn't want any part of her to be seen as a twig. This gives her the benefit of very impressive strength even without the spinach. She could lift as much as a seasoned powerlifter and has amazing stamina, capable of running nonstop for several dozen miles before needing a break. Her legs may not look it, but they too pack quite a whallop.

Without the spinach, her strength actually exceeds Popeyes. She can bend metal to quite impressive degree, run very fast to where she can match sprinters, even lift the front end of a vehicle! But once she eats a can of spinach: BOOM!!

Her forearms get even bigger than they already are, giving them enough punching power to send even the biggest bullies skyward! Her legs turn into massively thick Roman pillars that can crush with far greater strength than an industrial hydraulic press, not to mention they enable her to run almost like The Flash! Her abs become like slabs of smooth impenetrable blocks that can stop a cannon ball at point blank range! And last but certainly not least, her biceps explode into gargantuan muscle mountains far harder and stronger than any steel! They pulsate all over like a turbocharged V12 engine! Her breasts blow up superfast into huge orbs that defy all gravity atop thick pecs of living armor! When enemies see her flex her biceps, they run! When female muscle admirers see them, they cream themselves!

Sally is bi, though she prefers women. This is evidenced in her lover, named Stacy. And unlike Olive Oyl, Stacy is strictly devoted to Sally only. Since Stacy is a completely lesbian, no man stands a chance with her and not even any other woman will tempt her away from her Sally. Stacy, of course, is very turned on by Sally's body and even enjoys sneaking in some spinach into Sally's food just to watch her muscles bulge massively when she least expects it! Of course, Sally nearly always gets her "revenge". ;)

Luckily for female muscle admirers, Stacy is ok with Sally sometimes "entertaining" other men and women. Sally always gets a cheap thrill from watching men cream themselves from watching her flex a spinach enhanced bicep, stare holes through her from watching her pose for them, and even pass out from her lips coming within inches of theirs while talking seductively and teasing them. Sally has seen women react almost as eagerly as the men do, run away from their boyfriends and even husbands without thinking, just for a chance to feel her muscles, and even squirt involuntarily from seeing those same powerpacked muscles in action, especially in their bedroom. But one thing they both can count on is that Sally's heart will always belong to Stacy and vice versa.

Sally is shown capable of great feats of strength, even without the spinach. Once, she visited a football game and during pregame events, she happened to be offered the chance to kick a field goal like the pros do. Suffice to say, she surprised everyone nearby by asking if she could kick the ball to the other side of the field. Adding even more surprise to the few players participating in the event, Sally asked to kick the ball from the 5 yard line. Naturally, everyone thought she was nuts. A few of them couldn't help but laugh, but Sally simply smiled like it was no big deal. Sure she had some nice muscle on her, but the players were veteran pros and built like tanks themselves.

Well sure enough, they indulged her request, if only to see her fail miserably. Sally decided at the last second to move the ball to the one-yard line, giving her no running room should this have been an official rules kick. Sally stood there inches from the end zone and simply brought her leg back and swung it forward so fast and hard, that the person holding the ball felt like the ball simply vanished in the blink of an eye. The ball sailed through the air almost like a bullet until it flew high over the far end of the field, well over the bar, and landing halfway up the stands. Sally shook her rump teasingly as she walked away, jaws hanging, faces beet red with embarrassment, and egos shattered all around her. She didn't stay for the game itself, but she did hear herself mentioned more than once by the commentators who noted that she broke the world record of 69 yards for a successful field goal at 99 yards! But Sally wasn't one for unnecessary limelight, so she got away from that one without being found out.

When she does eat her spinach, Sally's strength becomes truly superhuman. She can lift virtually anything that is liftable, bend anything that is bendable...and even not, her allure is amplified ten fold to where attention practically becomes her middle name, and her body is built stronger than Fort Knox!

So anyway, I hope to bring her back into the mainstream with a new series featuring her in different Popeye-worthy scenarios with a twist. Only time will tell. But in the meantime, here's what she officially looks like. Expect to see more visuals of her in the coming weeks! And many thanks to ayanamifan for taking the time to draw this!

Art by ayanamifan
Sally Cunningham by Me

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