Smoking Hot Venus! by RinjiPantera

Smoking Hot Venus!


1 June 2016 at 02:00:39 MDT

iksar77 was kind enough to give up his free bonus picture slot to me after purchasing the required three commissions from Cylnx to qualify for it. This really made my day, because I had always hoped I could somehow get a picture done by him.

After some careful thinking, I decided that Venus de Milo has taken a back seat to Pachua long enough. So I decided to go with her. And damn, he did NOT disappoint! Now granted the wait time was really long, but in the end it was worth it.

So for those of you who have fallen behind on the times; Venus is not only the strongest and most muscular of the mutant ninja turtles, but also the most uninhibited. When she's enjoying her downtime, she loves to light up her kiseru and enjoy a nice relaxing smoke. And as you can see, she looks very sexy doing it!

Her sex appeal has attracted many suitors. But in the end, she ultimately prefers non-humans much like Pachua. Her first real love was Leonardo: A lucky man, considering his competition at the time was Raphael. But Venus has since moved on from that relationship and has chosen to keep her choices open.

Venus is very much unlike the other turtles. While she still fights for good, she has not only willingly, but gladly given in to the three prohibitions of shinobi: Alcohol, (other) pretty women, and money.

Some say that indulging in such things can lead a shinobi to ruin. But it seems Venus couldn't be happier with her life.

So what are you waiting for? She's very sexy, very muscular, and is quite able to show you new levels of pleasure you bet you've never imagined!

This picture is such, that you can even use it as wallpaper for your desktop.

Art by cylnx