Rinji Pantera - "Armed" & Ready by RinjiPantera

Rinji Pantera - "Armed" & Ready


24 May 2016 at 22:48:57 MDT

I spent half an hour carefully typing out the perfect description for this and I go and accidentally click away from the submission page and lost everything. So here's a simplified version.

I asked ergotth to redesign Rinji's ninja outfit. And I must say, I like it a lot, especially the belt around his sleeve/bicep. Though it won't do much good when he flexes his arm real hard.

If anyone is willing to color this, I would really appreciate it. His color scheme is pretty much the same. The clothing is orange, his belt brown, the wraps white, his fur snowy white, his hair dark brown, and the irises of his eyes red with the pupils and tomoe surrounding them black. Of course, both the kunai and shuriken are black, but I'm sure you knew that already.

And as you can see, he's muscled up since working out with Kandi. He's even become faster as well.

And to those who saw the original on ergotth's page, you'll notice that I horizontally flipped the image. The reason is Rinji's scar is over his right eye, not his left. So it works out this way.

Many thanks to ergotth for drawing this! ^_^

Art by ergotth

Rinji Pantera © rinjipantera