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Social Media Update! (Where to find me)

Figured I may as well give you a bit of an update of all of my socials! Feel free to skim over or just check out the ones relevant to you, I still need to sort out my Carrd and update all the links so that's not on here and will make seeing all... this mess much easier.

Most Used:
FA is the best place to contact me, I also post ALL of my pieces here nearly without fail. Nothing is changing in regards to here ^^ I like to think of it as home base!
Patreon is where I post all of my comics early outside of short 1-2 page commissioned pieces, as well as my regular comic series, it's also super easy to contact me here. Nothing is changing in regards to here either :3
I've found DeviantArt isn't really working out as a place to post, I mostly just get spam dms and the occasional rp-er (I don't rp btw). And it's AI policies make me super uncomfy but I've changed all the settings I can and I'll keep an eye on it. For now though, I'll still be posting my sfw stuff there.
My Telegram channel lets ya know whenever I post ^^ Like a little riddlr in your pocket! It's been super helpful to have and I'm definitely trying to post about new pieces on here!
I mostly just post regular commissions here but without the comics. Which I should definitely post there as well and I plan to in the future!

I've mostly just been using these to cross-post from Furaffinity and don't really use it outside of just another place to post. Feel free to follow me on any of these and you'll get the same posts you get here!
I'm probably going to end up abandoning this one. It's not really intuitive and I haven't been using it much. I only really registered for the novelty and while I appreciate what it's trying to do. It's just not for me ^^;
The newest website I'm on and so far it seems pretty hopeful. I'm going to be basically treating it like a second twitter for the moment!

p.s. Thanks for coming to my ted talk, and happy spooky month :3

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