A&H Club Volume 1 on sale now! by RickGriffin

A&H Club Volume 1 on sale now!


21 April 2018 at 08:33:51 MDT

Also look for it (soon?) on Amazon Europe!

I wonder how many people following me here don't know the comic has still been continuing >_> www.rickgriffinstudios.com

I should finish uploading pages to my galleries if only to advertise the collection more! It contains THREE ISSUES and looks great!

Want a signed copy? I'm still taking orders for that here: https://goo.gl/forms/dADx8ipWjSCzEuXV2 (probably until tomorrow!)

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    A&H is my faveorite comic series of yours.

    I love the characters and the story behind it!
    I may be a little bias to the Kangaroo characters
    (...completely bias...)
    Looking forward to continue to follow their story.

    Question I figure I'd ask here,
    "Will you be publishing this story in a physical book form?"
    or is there one already?
    Would love to know, defiantly interested.

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      This IS a physical book

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        Oops sorry I admit I was exhausted and didn't see the link lol.

        My bad.

        Hoping I can eventually grab a copy asap.

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    THe most sexual PG13 picture ive seen in a while

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    Cute scene though they seem a bit surprised.
    Well one is anyway heh.
    Didn't mean to intrude hat tip.
    World without pants though, so maybe not considered suggestive in their world?

    This comic I usually wait for a good bit of pages first then read it all at once. I regularly check Housepets though. If you have an update feed (RSS feed or twitter etc maybe?) I'd follow that but I'm fine just digging things up now and then and catching up.
    I mostly stay silent though but always keep an eye on your arts.
    Love the comics and side stuff you make, thanks for making them and sharing them.

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    heh, sorry for a second post but just realized that link you have there is great for comic updates and there is an RSS feed. I'mma just follow that then and act like I totally knew the whole time. Do doo da dooo

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    Even though it's kinda taken as a given, I'm interested as to why or how this area of theirs became bottomless.