Renashe Pampered by Renashe

Renashe Pampered


10 December 2014 at 11:08:34 MST

On warm summer days when the winds are calm,
Renashe can often be found being catered to by villagers brave enough to approach the hungry dragoness..

The completed version of a YCH featuring myself and a cast of handsome furries catering to my every whim! This piece was a total joy to work on, and I plan to do more involved scenes in the future.

The royal pipe holder is TazMidnightFox!
The flower placer is Chammy3760!
The dragoness feeder is Zarizav!
The paw massager is logan963!
The lute minstrel is Cobaltthefox!

The high rez is available here and looks much better than the squished FA version:


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    This looks very cool!