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[Not mine] Pink Reigne dragon by ReigneWolvenshire

[Not mine] Pink Reigne dragon


17 February 2014 at 21:27:04 MST

I found this create-a-dragon thing ( ) and I've been going nuts with making characters. I decided to make a dragon form for myself, 'cause I've never been able to settle on one. It started to be blue but then I said, why not pink? I've been feeling like my little pink wolf form the past couple of days anyway. I like the shades and combination of them; they're soothing and not really an eyesore.

I like the gloves and the backleg "bracers" (I think they're sorta more boot-like or sock like anyway) are kinda neat and go with the tattoo thing on the leg. It makes me think of a cutie mark a bit because of the placing. =P The wings also remind me a lot of Card Captors. I loved that show as a kid! I should go find it again. ^^

I also put a bit about myself trying to speak positively and not "dislikes this this this" etc.

The gender is "?" because I'd prefer it that way, even if the coloration is blatantly stereotypically girly. e_o; But the pink helps me accent when I feel like being cute. =p It's also a sort of love and nurturing thing. Rawr, pink!

Also, yay spade tail. =D

The Dragon creator flash and art (as linked above) is © Kennonink @ DeviantArt
Everything else is mine! Mineminemine!