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Panda Monk - Taichi Sukiyaki by ReidoRaichu

Panda Monk - Taichi Sukiyaki


Someone stop me! I keep Making More characters! owo course that just means more fun in all honesty~ XD

Anyway this fella was created by me when i thought about how Miko my moon spirit diddnt really fit in with all my poekmorphs and digimon i decided to create a seperate universe where he resids and added in a new character...and this was the result of that idea.

Meet Taichi Sukiyaki (his first name means Large one and his last name is a popular japanese dish)

He is a warrior monk in training on a pilgrimage to learn more about the world and meet new people gain new all the food he can...oh yeah he isn't your typical monk. He is a monk of a temple located deep within the Bamboo Forests that are dedicated to the upholding of nature and beauty. They typically don green clothing and are masters of the Yan-Yue-Dao a type of pole arm that is often used by monks in a far off land.

he is rather kind and caring yet also cocky and fun loving. he has a voracious appetite (especially for ramen and grilled meat). He is also a little silly and a very understanding fella.

His likes include: Nature, Gardening, Ramen, Meat, Bamboo (panda duh), Training, meditating, and Traveling

His dislikes include: Ignorant people, bitter food, needless violence

He has a large X-shaped scar on his belly but he is not even really sure how he got it. he has just seemed to have it as long as he can remember.

This guy took a while to design and make so i hope you all enjoy the chubby panda~

Taichi Sukiyaki (c) ReidoRaichu

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    Now that's a panda I wanna hang out with