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Girls, Girls, Girls by Rehgan

Girls, Girls, Girls


19 April 2014 at 12:28:26 MDT

By no means an exhaustive list, but this covers about the bulk of 'em! Happy to have the file off my desktop, took too long to get to.

Everyone's in generic underoos rather than their personal style (obviously), and not everyone exists on the same timeline (i.e., Jessie is Nick's ex-girlfriend, and Karina is his mom, and I don't include a time machine anywhere), for what it's worth!

And yes, if you missed the memo, I like kitties. I sent the memo countless times but here it is again, gosh.

Characters and Art © J. "Rehgan" Fitzmaurice


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    For some reason, this keeps slipping my mind. I have two cat characters, that I don't use anymore, but still exist in my story's current universe. I should have you draw them some time.

    By the way, I continually find it amazing that you can draw so many characters that don't look alike, all seem to have their own personalities, and yet the style is clearly yours.

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      You know where to find me if you wind up wanting them! I love kitties. :D

      Also, that last bit is such a high compliment and something I always strive for, so thank you! I'm glad I can pull it off!

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        You're quite welcome.
        And yes, keep a look out. ^^/

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    Lovely figures! :) Very nice!

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      Why thank you!