Vaporeon by Reeze0x



15 September 2016 at 20:12:03 MDT

This is the second test drawing I did in Clip Studio Paint.
A Vaporeon having fun with a Pokéball.

This came from some eevee sketches I did a while ago.I guess I'll finish the other ones too ^^.

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    It seems no one has been paying attention to my warning, so I'll make it short this time... Nintendo is going after ordinary fan artists now. Beware.

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      Huh, first time I heard about this now. Do you have a source for this?

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        Here's one source:

        Many others appear to be buried on Tumblr, though apparently some artists on Twitter and DeviantArt have claimed they experienced the same thing. I used to be a Pokemon fan artist like you... But then I went into hiding. Instead I have decided to help current Nintendo-related fan artists be aware that they are in danger, as Nintendo finally went fully berserk. I happen to have a large chunk of relevant information regrading these recent attacks on fan content, but it's huge; PM me if you want it. I have lots of history collected regarding Nintendo attacking fans with copyright claims.

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          These cases seem to relate to NSFW art though, which I don't do.
          Sure, they could still take down general fan art (since it was always a grey area), but I haven't heard of any cases of this on other websites I'm on.

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            If you read enough of the comments, it also appears to be happening to those who do Nintendo-related commissions as well- I don't know if you do commissions of this sort, but I'd be careful if you do.

            I will give a snippet of the information I have that I find to be relevant to the situation, as it's not too much to write in a comment. They seem to be "pushing forward" with the things they take down. For example, Nintendo actually initially did not hate emulation (but they'll never tell you that); just ROMs distributed over the Internet. It wasn't until UltraHLE (an N64 emulator that came out during the N64's life cycle) that they went full-force against emulation. They also didn't hammer all that many fan games until the past ~5-8 years. They "pushed forward" their grasp, so to say. Currently they are taking down as many fan games as they can find (read: they took down 562 in one claim on September 2nd, and a few individual ones at the end of August). Now they're widening their reach to some fan art. This looks to be a pattern- if it is to hold, they'll be taking down a lot more fan art as well in the coming months. Also, they may very well be already- it's hard to say, as Nintendo has a history of banning a lot of accounts- just look at YouTube. Those who could tell the story may not be around online to tell it.

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              Well, they can't do too much against emulators themselves as long as they don't contain copyrighted code. It's just the Roms that are illegal if you didn't dump them from your own game.
              As for commissions, well, they are their property and I guess they can stop them if they want.
              But I still see so many printed t-shirts with fan art that are sold. Wouldn't they go up against these bigger websites that sell these shirts first, rather than a relatively smaller artist that doesn't solely sell fan art? I just don't get how they find these artists, but seem to ignore such websites.

              Fan art commissions are based on the fact that this is a grey zone and the copyright owner just doesn't really care if you make money off of a one time commission here and there. Apparently Nintendo seems to care now, especially on NSFW content, but again, I don't get how they find these artists.
              I guess it's a different story if you are "famous" as a Nintendo artist who just sells Nintendo commissions or if you only do them sometimes.

              But yeah, Nintendos policy for fan creations isn't the best at the moment.
              It seems like most of these decision are coming from Nintendo of America and Japan though, because Nintendo of Europe didn't really approve on the whole YouTube claimings and their Nintendo Creators Program (Since this isn't available here yet). At least that's what I heard once.
              I guess we can just wait and see how far they'll go with these decisions (and the whole backlash they'll receive for it).

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                Well sure, they may have a legal right to pull this kind of stuff, but let's put legalities aside for a moment. What they are doing is morally wrong; no question about it, as the only arguments against these acts being immoral require copyright laws to exist (thus not putting legalities aside). They seem to think that if something is legal, it is completely ethical to do it- but that's not the case, as indicated by history. For example, everything Gandhi did was illegal; yet everything Mussolini did was completely lawful. Nintendo has already been receiving gargantuan amounts of backlash from fans for these types of actions, and they are getting media coverage practically depicting them as cold-blooded savages who hate their fans (which is becoming increasingly spot-on). Nintendo claims their reasoning is that fan art is "damaging to their brand," but quite honestly, I'd have to say destroying people's hard work done entirely to show love and appreciation towards their characters and games for personal gain is a lot more damaging to their brand than someone drawing Pikachu with boobies, considering the former was a direct action of Nintendo while the latter was an isolated act from a completely unrelated entity with no connection to Nintendo.

                And that info you have about Nintendo of Europe is actually interesting... I live in the United States, and most of the coverage of Nintendo here is about Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Japan. So, you say they don't have a Nintendo Creator's Program? That's also very interesting.

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                  Yep, the Nintendo Creators Program is only available in the NOA areas as of now. I think I heard that it wouldn't even work with European laws or something, but I'm not really sure about that.I could be mixing something up here.
                  NOE supports YouTubers here by providing them with early review copies of the games and inviting them to certain events to advertise a game (Record some preview videos at the hq, autograph session at a game launch) or events that other journalists would attend to (Even bigger Let's Players).Here in Germany at least, since they are located here. But I don't know if this is because of their channel networks connections or genuine support of NOE (Nintendo Germany). It sounds more like the latter though.
                  This info, that they don't approve of this approach to YouTube content wasn't official though.
                  This once came from one of these YouTubers when he talked to the PR guy that worked with the YouTubers about this topic. But I don't know who that was anymore or where he said it.