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WIP - Barker's Menagerie (update) by redregon (critique requested)

WIP - Barker's Menagerie (update) (critique requested)


So, more progress.... I'm still not ready to get out of the sketching phase because there are still more characters that i'm going to be adding...

But, let's see if you can identify some of the influences that are in here... some might not read very well as they don't have much in the way of actual visual information to define their look but that's only for the one in the top-left (if you can name him, you're an awesome Barker fan but here's a tip... that Chimp is part of that one's story... that should be a pretty big hint.)

but, yeah... see if you can name all the Barker stories and movies and the characters. some should be easy, some might not be so easy.

and yeah, this is still a work in progress... the end result i'm hoping to do all of this as an inked-like picture but with a twist... I want to do Barker's face in his painterly style (and the rest monochrome, black-and-white.) i think that'd be an interesting visual here... and in a sense it might add to the mystique since it then asks the question, who is the creation of his imagination, him? or his creations?

total time, 2 more hours (though, that's including revisions too... so, without the revisions, they're about 1.5 more hours.)

Still going to keep this one going... so, expect updates.

(*yes, that is a fox... do you know why that is there?*)

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