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WIP - Barker's Menagerie. by redregon (critique requested)

WIP - Barker's Menagerie. (critique requested)


So, some of you know that i am a HUGE fucking fan of Clive Barker... I admit i'm not that well read on all of his novels (combination of availability and finances) but i've seen most of his movies.

... I can guess most of you will know who the spiky one is... but do you know the rest?

This is a work in progress... I'm posting this as the weekly sketch at this point right now mainly because i'm not sure i'll be able to make the deadline since this is turning into quite a big piece... so, patience... i will get this done ASAP (though not so quickly that i end up cutting corners... I'm hoping to gift this to the big B-man himself at some point... yes, i am that much of a fan... but hey, we all have our proclivities.)

Note, I am hoping to give a nod to as many of his works as i can... though, space limiting, i might have to make a choice as to who gets to stay and who gets the *evil laugh* ... cut.

and before you ask, yes, that is the lemarchand configuration that good ol pinhead is holding... if you are a Hellraiser fan, you should have realized that (besides, everyone, and i do mean EVERYONE does the cube... not many people do the other forms it can take.)

Total time so far, about 3 hours (this is including revisions... without revisions, it's about 2.)

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