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A Dog's Day (aaidnked's request) by Red Dragonette

A Dog's Day (aaidnked's request)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Aug 20, 2019

So I have been sharing with aaidnked from Deviant Art the story's summary to see if he liked the way things were going from beginning to the end. He helped me make some better changes so that his request will look better than it used to be. But when I was writing the first part of the story, he somehow got banned or deleted his account. I don't know what happened, but I kept working on his request on my own. I'll probably never get feedback from the guy, but I hope he likes what I've written. I tried to make things funny and keep the characters in-character. What did you guys think? Did I do a good job with the fanfic?

Also, I was going to add an extra scene that had a timeskip to the aftermath of Control Freak's defeat. Both he and Raven dropped their remote and book respectively. So as he tries to escape, he picks up the spell book by accident. After he manages to get away, Control notices what he's taken up instead and takes a quick peek at the book to see what it's about until he notices the same spell Beast Boy tried to use today. Getting the idea to have a girlfriend, he chants the words and tries to sneak a kiss on an unsuspecting girl. But he trips and accidentally kisses her male bulldog. Control Freak gets turned into a boxer dog as the girl freaks out, while the bulldog is spitting out the kiss taste. The girl runs away with the dog. Then the pack shows up and falls in love with Control Freak. Control Freak runs away with the pack chasing after him. But he is too slow for them and he ends up getting pinned down and licked. Then a cage drops down on them and the animal catcher is happy with his catch. He takes them to the pound where Control Freak is licked by the pack for all eternity.

That was how the epilogue was going to go, but then it would have probably made the story too long for aaidnked to read. So I just left it at 13 pages.

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