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Operation Delta chp.1 (Snowleopard1010101 request) by Red Dragonette

Operation Delta chp.1 (Snowleopard1010101 request)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Mar 10, 2019

Snowleopard1010101 wanted a story about dragons and tanks, since he couldn't find one on Deviant Art, so he came to me with request along with plans he wanted his story to go by, all of which I incorporated here. Now I'll be honest, I have never done a military story before. The closest I've ever got to one was this organization from my fanfic, Megaman ZX's Guardians. And it's not even an actual military, but it was a fighting force with guns. I was pretty nervous writing a military fic, even with all list of tanks and weapons that Snowleopard gave me. I hope I did fine with this one.

Now Private Dylan might seem pointless right now, but he's the main protagonist of this story and there's going to be some things he'll do in the future, some of them probably big. Even the dragons will make their appearance next chapter.

Also Snowleopard1010101 is offering help to anyone having trouble with their fanfics. If anyone needs it, you can contact him.

All characters in the story (c) snowleopard1010101 from Deviant Art

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