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Pit in a Dress (A Request Fic) by Red Dragonette

Pit in a Dress (A Request Fic)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Jan 25, 2019

This fic was resquested by JBlaser from Deviant Art. I don't know if Bayonetta lives in New York City or Pittsburgh, because the plane's starting point in the second game was hard for me to pinpoint the exact location. I decided to go with the latter, since NYC is overused. By the way, here is the outfit that Pit is wearing:,h_917,q_70,strp/bayonetta_dress_b__bayonetta_2_by_xxkammyxx_d904i5q-pre.jpg

Pit, Palutena, Peach, Wario, Dark Pit, Mario, Viridi, Pauline, Daisy and Bombette (c) Nintendo
Bayonetta, Jeanne, Enzo and Madama Butterfly (c) Platinum Games
The Cheesecake Factory (c) itself