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Dragon Rage: The First War (picknick10's giftstory 5) by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Dragon Rage: The First War (picknick10's giftstory 5) (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Oct 9, 2018

Sorry for uploading so late, Nick. Happy Birthday!

Facts that might not be mentioned later:

  • Kai always has good reflexes.
  • She can't use water magic.
  • Being a necromancer, she rarely had to get physically involved with the dirty work.
  • Kai has her zombie contain the earthquake to a small space as she does not want to get swallowed up by the splitting ground.

Nick (c) picknick10 from Deviant Art
Akuma, Kai and Rika (c) Eveeoni from Deviant Art
Axle and Strider (c) lorddraco8967 from

You can see the RP at this following link: )

Great War: Dragons vs Humans (c) picknick10
Story written by me
Dragon Cave (c) TJ09 (a.k.a. T.J. Lipscomb)

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Chapter 1 -
Chapter 26 -
Chapter 51 -

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