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Dragon Rage: The First War (shibathedragon's giftstory 1) by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Dragon Rage: The First War (shibathedragon's giftstory 1) (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Oct 18, 2014

That was all I got from Shibathedragon. I tried to figure out a way to add more to the story with an original episode for Shiba and Kakoli, but nothing good came to mind. So I decided to make up for this by drawing a giftart of Shiba. Finally as to why Kakoli is depicted as a dragon in this edition despite his race never having being mentioned in any of Shibathedragon's post; well I noticed that Sai called him a dragon in her Fayt post and I thought it was because Shibathedragon sent the character forms to her and one of them mentioned what his species was. So that's why Kakoli is a dragon. But what kind of dragon he is, I'll never know; because I don't have his form and that is why he wasn't drawn, too.

Shiba and Kakoli (c) Shibathedragon (this is her profile: )

You can see the RP at this following link:

Great War: Dragons vs Humans (c) picknick10
Story written by me
Dragon Cave (c) TJ09 (a.k.a. T.J. Lipscomb)

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