Snoutlandia Airlines by Redacteur

Snoutlandia Airlines


14 September 2014 at 00:25:26 MDT

Before landing at Snoutlandia's international airport, please review this informational customs form.

ATTENTION: Are you planning on spending your time in Snoutlandia at the size of native population? If so, head directly to the TF-SIZE line directly after landing. Are you planning on spending your time as your given size? Proceed directly to customs, where you will be briefed on the unique customs regarding the accommodation of unaltered individuals from your area. Are you planning on spending time in Snoutlandia much smaller than your usual size? If so, an ambassador will meet you at the gate and accompany you to the special facility of the TF building for this purpose. After resizing, sheath or pouch-based transport is mandatory for travel to the city center.

WARNING: Do not accept offers of TFing from unlicensed providers. While cheaper than airport facilities, reports of uncontrollable taurification, shrinking, growing, merging and other events have been reported.

Licensed taur-based transport is the traditional means of movement from airport to city center, and carriers are often a reliable source of information about your destination neighborhood, particularly during the annual paw festival or the traditional nuzzlefests. Enjoy your stay, and welcome!

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    this came out great and boop it

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      He probably held the magazine up to his nose to compare sizes...and then snuck in a little boop

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        what value does BOP IT have in the Redactuerverse?

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          They just hit the "bop" button with their snouts

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    A whole land dedicated to snouts, eh?

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    And then when there's movement in the aisle the magazine snaps shut.

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    Hey look, the land of my people
    I must go home <3

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    O-oh my. I think I'd be blushing a bit too...

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    Is it possible for snouts to get too large? I guess there's only one way to find out!