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Suddenly Pokemon! by Recurrent

Suddenly Pokemon!


25 March 2017 at 16:51:19 MDT

Oh man this this take longer than expecting, and once again I am sorry for the delay but at long last the massive pokemon TF is complete! Thank you so much for everyone's patience and enjoy!

Characters transforming are:
From FA
Arcanine - Whassuppp56
Alolan Ninetails - slyfox6414
Braviary - hg3300
Alolan Meowth - AngstSkunk
Quilava - Recurrent
Zorark - NekoGato
Midday Lycanroc - dractaco
Midnight Lycanroc - Dsoprox
Miltank - Mehlahphuse
Jolteon - atanders93
Charizard - ferchoburton
Rapidash - :iconYokiTremor :
Zebstrika - Kenzu
Mudbray - setokaiba1313
Persian - Stephiecat
Primarina - setokaiba1313
Braixen - corbyn_prower
Jolteon - Kyetwolf
Leafeon - Kyetwolf
Delphox - 8000power
Noivern - BurstCoffee
Buneary - BlueMoonKin

From DA:
Serperior - lation410
Gardevoir - melkorios
Floatzel - zalacambio

You can also download various sizes of this piece from the following link, including a larger size.


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    This came out really well

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    Huh. Surprised I missed this. This would've been fun to take part in.
    Also, the arcanine and flotzel have good taste in target forms. =)