Hello there! It's Kituos here!
I'm an Eon (Latios and Latias) fan, i love inflatables since i basically have a few IRL xD RIP. However, i hate popping when it comes to inflations, balloons and inflatables.

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Patreon Announcement!

on 2 May 2019 at 01:18:23 MDT

I forgot to do this yesterday xwx

Yesterday i announced on both YouTube, DeviantART and on my Discord server about me having launched a patreon for my second channel:
In this channel, like i mentioned before in a previous journal (, but i thought of making more content with inflatables than just doing reviews, which can be boring at times. I want to start doing some comedy sketches with my inflatables.

So, if you're interested, go and subscribe to my second YouTube, check out the newly made Patreon page i've launched! i should also mention that i have a created a reddit community that's connected to the Patreon page: There you can share some inflatables that might be cool, cute and funny to have a look.

Until next time!

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Inflatable orcas, dragon, snake, dolphin
$ 2.50

Inflation! (No popping)

Breast expansion, body inflation, butt inflations, belly inflation, balloons
$ 2.50


Scenery of epic, relax, uplifting, lovely and more
$ 2.50


Comic Page, Sceneries
$ 2.50

I'm more than welcome for you to buy any of the commissions i'm offering here. The offerings here are the same as the ones i have on Furaffinity and DeviantART.


This commission i will offer you ome sceneries from my favorite game of all time: Terraria!
If you want any sceneries of your character in pictures with armors, weapons, equipments and such, this is the commission for you!

Extra Charges:
Comic pages = Normal price + 0.50 USD per page
Sceneries = Normal price + 0.10 USD per 10 minutes + 0.25 USD for extra characters included

Here i will offer you some inflation artwork!
There are so many types of inflations out there, it's hard to do most of them.

In this commission, i offer you:
Belly Inflation
Body Inflation
Butt inflation (SFW)
Breast expansion (SFW)

Try to be as family friendly with the butt and breast expansion, there can be minor viewers out there who might see them weird, disturbing or something else.

No Popping

If you want an inflation sequence, depending on how many pages it comes to, you will be charged 0.50 USD for each page + 0.10 USD for details every 10 minutes

This commission i offer you sceneries!
If you're wondering what theme i'm offering, there's loads!
Epic (Including battles), relax, lovely, uplifting, nature and more!

In case of any details you want in the artwork will result an extra detail charge + 0.10 USD for every 10 minutes.


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