Alia Tech: Miniature re-fracture reactor by Reaku-the-crate

Alia Tech: Miniature re-fracture reactor


8 August 2019 at 14:26:24 MDT

This was a long time coming, and to scale with a pencil!
In Alia's words:
"The model Mk5-71a miniature reactor, this device is the main power supply of nearly every device I have created to date, it is a self sustaining, infinite power supply, generating, circulating, storing energy in mass, this process is completely noiseless, creates no harmful radiation, however, runs a minor risk of the device exploding, any resulting explosions are small enough to only destroy the inside of the device itself.
The most important part of this is a tiny canister with a crystal shard placed within it, set in a refractory lens, allowing pure energy to be sent in one side, and out the other as a completely different energy source entirely, as this device has a property to find elements inside materials, meaning, if the energy stored is being exposed, it is entirely possible, for example, if an orange crystal was placed inside the reactor, the energy that is exposed will become fire, the best example of this is both of the Chimera, and Manticore devices. As a side note, this device was originally designed as a building, it had been downsized, then reconfigured for better efficiency, the design as a building works better than expected with the modifications, simply going two corridors down, I could walk inside the outer layer of such a building, for one was constructed in one corner of the laboratories, not every employee knows this fact, however, they eventually do with time."

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