I am a 23 year old female from New York, currently my goal for my art is to get on the digital platform within the next few months. I focus mostly on anthro works but I have been known to dabble in realism and anime for practice. I enjoy traditional work, so there will be a lot of sketch book works here as well as wood burning.

I currently serve in the US Navy as a welder, I hope soon I will be able to make art out of this trade as well. I am fluent in German, Italian and Swedish. Due to my job I am constantly required to learn at least the basics of many languages so I am easy to talk to and will try my best to accommodate to your language over my own.

My fursona is a wolverine named Enrico (yes a female with a male name), Though I am not one to believe that I am a wolverine or even go as far to create some story for my fursona I enjoy drawing her and using her to express myself, besides my life is messed up enough where I don't have to elaborate to create a funny/tragic story line. I enjoy making people laugh, I also enjoy making them cry. But as terrible as that sounds I like to capture emotion, raw and true no matter what it may be. That's real art in my opinion.


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    I read your profile. Does digital feel harder than doing it traditional? That's awesome your a female welder and serving. I also agree with your enjoying capturing "emotion".

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      Digital at this point, and in past, has always come hard to me. I just never felt natural to me. There are so many perks to it, just with my current equipment it really doesn't fit in.

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    Thank you very much for following me! ^^

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    Thank you so much for the follow~ c,: