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Enrico Ghiottone

Enrico Ghiottone / 29 / Male / Upstate New York

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Cheers, I am Reverend Enrico (Rev.Rico):
Species: Wolverine
Gender: Male
Age: 29

If you like my human artwork consider following me over on DA. I really would like to keep this page primarily anthro.
I am a musician, playing saxophone and guitar. I have preformed with Foxes and Peppers at cons on alto and baritone (list of cons I have preformed at are at the bottom of my profile). I am rather active on twitter as opposed to on here, as I am really trying to keep this page clean with finished art work only.
I am also a Buddhist reverend working toward my PhD in Religion and Conflict with a historical focus on WWII, a bit more about that below. So if it seems I disappear for long periods of time, but that is just uni kicking my ass.

This page does not condone hate of any kind.

All and all I am very friendly and an easy to get along with.
I speak some Welsh, German, and Italian along side English; so I'm very open to talking to people.
Yes, I serve in the military. I ran into an individual a few years back that demanded a measure of proof that I refused to send to someone I did not know online, nor couls legally. Because of this refusal, he decided to take it upon himself to cause a headache for me when it came to keeping my validity with some of my watchers.


I am a Historian, I like drawing pieces focused in Historical events, with acute focus on military. By saying historian I do not mean that I am a hobbyist/armchair. There is nothing wrong with this, but I am a PhD candidate who studies the effects Religious movements (in particular state regions) have on political movements and actions around war (Japan, the UK and Germany during WWII as my main historical focus) and then using that research to apply it to current political climates (such as the Christian nationalist movements in the States).


My story: Martellato

As for the story I've been working on for years. Alot has shifted as I've grown not only in my research but as a person. If you've been around a while, you will see that these works have been deleted. For a few reasons, mainly, they no longer hold a role in the developing story and in my opinion come across as misleading, tone deaf, and crass with blinders in place ( a representation of where I was when I first started studying history).
The story time line and location are still the same, but the focus has greatly shifted from some fabricated romantic view of the 'good guy who had no choice but to join' to the gritty underground movements of people who truly made a difference and risked it all everyday to put a end to the ternary.

So yes, this is still a world war two story set in Italy.

  • The main story line has a focus on Fascist Italy and the resistance/role of the mafia in the war.
  • I am in no way supportive of the views and actions of what happened in the axis nations during WWII.

Any other questions you may have feel free to leave a shout or note. I am very friendly and open to talk.

Cons under my belt: FE(2016), Furvester (2018), WPAFW (2017,2019,2021), EF (2019), MFF (2019), Fursquared (2020), ANE (2022)

Cons I have preformed at: EF25 (2019),MFF (2019), Fursquared (2020)

Upcoming: AC 22, Furrydelphia 22



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    I read your profile. Does digital feel harder than doing it traditional? That's awesome your a female welder and serving. I also agree with your enjoying capturing "emotion".

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      Digital at this point, and in past, has always come hard to me. I just never felt natural to me. There are so many perks to it, just with my current equipment it really doesn't fit in.

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    Thank you very much for following me! ^^

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    Thank you so much for the follow~ c,: