Ello guys, and welcome to my Weasyl page.
I go under many names, but here I prefer to simply be known as Ravica, the creator of mature digital art. I'm 30 years old, live in Denmark and I'm happily married. And I loooove smut!

I would love to be an active part of this site and if possible make it my main page instead of FA or dA. So please don't be shy. Always feel free to comment or get in touch in the forum <3

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You can also find me at:

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My Future Art Accounts

on 24 October 2014 at 05:39:39 MDT

I recently did a poll asking where people from my art galleries would prefer I set up and update a main blog profile. And the result are pretty clear:

So from today on, Tumblr is gonna be my main blog full on.

In the future you will on here find:
Finished art
Sketches and Work in Progress stuff
Free art stock on occassion
Random chatty me
Photos I find relevant enough to show
Special Tumblr Events
Questions and Answers
Small erotic stories
and other hopefully fun stuff ^^

I will not re-blog a lot, this blog is about me and not what I get in my Tumblr inbox etc ^^ So I will only re-blogg stuff very relevant to me or my characters.

The gallery I got going on here totally stays. But you will see less and less sketches, work in progress, tutorials and such in future, once I get this account really going. Instead you will get the completed and polished artwork on here + streaming updates. "Behind the scene" stuff is all going on Tumblr ^^
Aaaand please use my ASK on Tumblr too for anything art/Ravica related. Hehe.

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Art Options

Painted Bust
$ 100.00
Painted Full body
$ 150.00
Painted Portrait
$ 50.00
Sketches -> Portraits, bust or full body
from $ 10.00
to $ 40.00
add  Painted Background
from $ 50.00
to $ 150.00

Commission Terms

Commission Terms
from $ 10.00
to $ 500.00

I will draw:

  • all genders, any sexuality
  • furries, humans, aliens and other species
  • MLP if your own character design
  • all animals (equines, canines, felines, bovines, reptiles, fantasy etc)
  • monsters, aliens, tentacles etc
  • PG13, mature and adult art, including specificly XXX
  • threesomes and gangbangs
  • laces, latex and leather (love shiny stuff!)
  • swim wear, daily wear, costumes, whatever
  • any background setting
  • oral, vainal and anal
  • bondage
  • dom vs. sub
  • BDSM (softcore preferred)
  • soft gore/vore
  • vampires, zombies etc
  • cum shots
  • melting, liquifying etc
  • suction cubs, lactosing etc
  • other stuff ... just ask! ^^

I will NOT draw:

  • baby furs
  • kiddy porn of any kind
  • really hardcore bdsm/sexual punishment (ask if in doubt) ^^


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    Hi! I'm the shark guy you saw on your stream with Mithril, pleased to meet you!

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    Hey there! Thanks for following me here on Weasyl. Have a great weekend!

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      most welcome - and you too :)