"It's 10am, where the fuck is he?"
Damien looks around angrily, his arms crossed.
"Oh calm down, maybe Mulligan just had him longer than Elliot originally expected. Wouldn't be the first time." Jack puts his hand on Damiens shoulder but, Damien denies his friends comfort and throws the hand off his shoulder. "I hope you realize that somebody might be in danger?" Damien turns around and growls at Jack who just smiles at him. Bruce and Pierre just look from the back, both half asleep.
"It's Mary that we're talking about." He shrugs
"I don't think we need to worry that much." Damien just looks back at Jack, his angry stare turns to the wonderful, golden exit of the restaurant. Pierre closed it for today, so that he could help with the search.

"SORRY" the door suddenly kicks open. Elliot, out of breath and with a notebook in his hands, closes the door softly.
"Finally, we were waiting for you for now" Damien looks concentrated at the clock, "almost an hour!".
"I'm so sorry, Mulligan kept me 15 minutes too long and sent me to some kind of repairman, what also took me 15 minutes and then I had to walk through a creepy ally and there were these old, creepy guys and-" Elliot looks up at the others, who stare at him in confusion and worry.
"But, no matter that, I'm here and I brought a notebook just in case." He smiles walking towards Pierre and Bruce while Jack and Damien follow. Elliot puts down the notebook and hands Bruce a pen, he just nods and puts it into his pockets.
"So, did you guys already find the diary?" Elliot looks into the round.
"Well we did but..." Pierre looks at Jack with a nervous grin.
"Yeah, we did but, we didn't take it because...." He looks down and turns red. "It's in her panty drawer and these pansies are afraid to get it" Suddenly all 3 heads turn to Damien with a stare that could kill.
"What? It's the truth!" He stares back with his arms crossed even harder, both Bruce and Pierre walk back a few steps just in case.
"Okayy" Elliot shrugs
"then I'll get it. Just give me a minute, I'll be back as fast as I can. As long as I am, please don't hit each others heads in." He walks into the back area that Mary turned into some sort of bar.

Five minutes pass
"And I'm back. Sorry it took so long, the whole room was a mess. I can't believe that you guys even found something -" Elliot sighs at what lays before him. Damien and Jack standing in the middle of the restaurant, staring and growling at each other while Bruce and Pierre hide behind a table.
He walks past them and puts the hot pink diary on the table. It looks very old and damaged. Inside is nothing but stickers and things that almost nobody could read besides a little list.
"Well, I found the list." "Is this like, a rating system?" Bruce stares at the list nervously. It was very long and each name had something scribbled down below in glittery red.
"It seems so" He jumps up as Jack looks over his shoulders and grabs the book from Elliot.
"Mhmm" He sighes, "I can't read anything though. Is Mary's handwriting really that bad?" He looks back at Elliot and Pierre who just shrug.
Jack stares at the writing, trying to figure out the letters. Suddenly Elliot grabs the book back and gives Jack a gentle smile.
"Just let me read it, okay?" He turns back to the list.
"Looks like it was made around 5 or 6 years ago." "How do you know that?" "It says: Mary's book of rich idiotic guys (made on 02/28/XXXX), and hey there's us.

Bruce Tellmore ; A huge crybaby. I would but, he would just go on my nerves.
Damien Gemminy ; He's strong but, he eats too much for my taste. Ew.
Elliot Mouse ; First one <3
Jack Smith ; Ew, kids

And, I think I found a suspect. Here, Pablo Robac. It also seems like she made little descriptions of each. She really put a lot of effort into this.... weird"

"Hmmm, can you find something about him. Like another diary entry?"
Pierre looks at Elliot and back to the book.
"Found one" "that fast?" "It's the newest page. She writes that after she romanced him enough, he invited her to dinner at the border from the city centre to Mont claring. It also says that he promised her to pay for everything... she also calls him a giant idiot with a big ego but, that's besides the point."
"Wait, Elliot, can you find out if she wrote down his species?" Damien looks over Elliots shoulder and Jack joins him.
"Let's see... yeah, here. Apparently he's a panther, it was the only reason why she picked him." Both Jack and Damien look up and nod.
"Good, so a panther. Shouldn't be hard to find such a rare one." Damien grins and runs over to their table to get his jacket.
"Bruce, you got that?" Elliot looks at him with a gentle smile, Bruce nodded back.
"Alrighty then" He looks into the now very confident looking group.
"Pierre, you'll stay here just incase she comes back. And we'll go and get ourselves a panther." The round nods and slowly makes it way to the blue car outside.

Meanwhile near Mont Claring in an ally
"Did we finally lose her?"
"Huff, yeah. Crazy bitch, I wish he would've told us that she's one of them"
"Let's just tell the boss, I'm sure he knows what to do... at least I hope"



1 March 2018 at 08:34:02 MST

Finally finished the 3rd part.
It's a bit short, sorry.

Basic plot:
Elliot Mouse and his Team try to stop the mobster Capone, while also trying to survive the world and their problems.
Often joined by their friends Mary and Pierre they try their best to keep the city of Cheesecago safe.

Though will they survive?

Basic plot:
Elliot Mouse and his Team try to stop the mobster Capone, while also trying to survive the world and their problems.
Often joined by their friends Mary and Pierre they try their best to keep the city of Cheesecago safe.

Though will they survive?

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2 > http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26532387/

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