"Well, look who we have here" A older looking Mouse with mustache and messy hair smiles their way. He wears something only a butler would wear and from the looks of it, his stuff was very expensive. "Still up so late Monsieur's?" He puts takes out a pen and looks at the notebook. "Yeah, work apparently never goes to sleep." Jack looks at the very tired Bruce, smiling even more."Say Pierre, why don't you get him something cold?" He points at Bruce who seems to have fallen asleep.
"Maybe that'll wake him up. Oh and also, for me too. We ran for hours and it's getting hot in here." Pierre nods, looking a bit concerned. "For me just the usual, please" "Same here bucko, just maybe also cold." The waiter sighs but, then smiles, writing something down in his notebook and then walking away. It's not really common for them to be there so late. Maybe Elliot but, not the other 3 and especially not around 12.

Suddenly the singing stops and the music starts to get slower. The few people that decided to go out at 12am, what itself is a horrible decision, start to leave. "Well, would you look at that. We just came at the right moment. HEY Pierre!" The waiter rushes to the table with the drinks, a cola, a soda, a small beer and a milkshake that almost fell and hit the wonderful carpet ground, sit on the tray. Jack kicks the just screaming Damien in the stomach with a warning look.
"Why didn't you just say that you're going to close? We could have gone to another restaurant you know." Elliot looks at the drinks with a guilty look while Damien eyes the waiter. "Oh Monsieur's I have to apologize. I wanted to let you know but, I just wanted some friendly company while cleaning this mess. And besides" He points at the glock with a tired and worried expression "I'm here since 15 hours and Madame Jeantle isn't here so, I don't really have anyone to talk to." He sighs and sits down next Bruce, who seems to be a little bit more awake."Huh, well where is Mary? I mean I know she isn't really the kind of person that would care for her own things but, I mean." Pierre now looks even more worried, staring at Elliot who seems to regret the words he just said. "I mean, ummm...."

"It's okay, I just wish I would know. I looked everywhere but, I can't find her anywhere. I just know that she went out with another guy last night and didn't come home. Or that's at least what Joel told me, I guess... I'm not really sure if he said these exact word but, he said something similar." he sighs even louder, hitting his head on the table.
"What if something happened? I mean, I don't really care if anything happens to her specifically but, who will finance this whole place if she's gone?" Elliot pets the devastated waiter with a concerning look. "I mean, we you would know if she died, wouldn't you?" Damien looks at Elliot with questioning look. "Or did I get it wrong? I'm not really good with remembering this whole "Phobia" stuff and what you can do and what not". He shrugs, leading to an expression of not caring. "When are you good at remembering anything Damien?" A few angry stares met his eyes from across the table.
"I'm sorry to interrupt your little war flame there but, umm." The 2 suddenly snap back at the frightened Bruce but, then the stares turn into realisation. "What he wanted to say was" Elliot smiles at them with a smile only a killer could give you "That you 2 should stop trying to fight and concentrate more on the missing woman." He turns back to Pierre and Bruce "Now, since we know that she was out with someone, we first have to find out with who." He stares at his almost empty milkshake."Doesn't she keep some sort of Diary where she ticks of every guy she was together with?" "Boi, why would you even assume that?" "Well it is Mary we are speaking of." Elliot looks up to Damien with a meh expression while he just nods. "Wait why don't we just call her?" "I tried my best Monsieur Jack but, it seems like she left her phone here." Pierre sighed again.
"Okay" Elliot stands up and slams his hand on the table, his serious expression suddenly turns into fear as his drink almost fell. He holds his hand around the glass and waits for a few seconds just to reassure that the glass really won't fall, while the other 3 just look at the scene trying to figure out if they should laugh or be serious. Flustered, Elliot tries to hold a serious expression.
"What I wanted to say was: Why don't we all go home and if she doesn't turn up until tomorrow, we'll search for her? So the first thing you 3 do is meet up here with Pierre and I'll come later. I have to do something more important first." "Sounds legit" Damien and Bruce shake their head in agreement.
"Okay then, until tomorrow"



1 March 2018 at 08:29:33 MST

2nd part of the first episode of my story "Untouchable corruption"
Keep in mind that I'm not a professional writer.

Basic plot:
Elliot Mouse and his Team try to stop the mobster Capone, while also trying to survive the world and their problems.
Often joined by their friends Mary and Pierre they try their best to keep the city of Cheesecago safe.

Though will they survive?

pt 1 > https://www.weasyl.com/~ratmafia/submissions/1606945/uc-s1-ep1-part1-i-m-always-bad-at-introductions

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