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Ratgirl's XMAS Sticker Pack 2017 - Second Half by ratcabob

Ratgirl's XMAS Sticker Pack 2017 - Second Half


Get the sticker pack at:
My first ever Telegram YCH sticker pack is now finished and revealed! I hope everyone enjoys using them in Telegram chats, and thank you all who gave such positive feedback. I will definitely make more YCH sticker pack sales in the future, and they won't always be mystery ones.
This is the group reveal for my pages as promised. This set has 12 different sticker styles in total. Some have multiple slots, some do not. This half reveals the sticker styles 7-12 and features heads of the following characters/fursonas (multiple slots separated by commas):

  1. Carol

  2. Stocking

  3. Elf
    Pang Long

  4. Present

  5. Wreath
    Kree, Mina Devilbunny

  6. Cookies
    Paprika, Wistar, Bayru, Gushi, AA611

Copyright notes: Only the owners of the characters above may post their stickers online outside of Telegram, with artist credits in the description (please credit Ratgirl Productions, or username ratcabob on FA, dA, Tumblr, and Weasyl).
Artwork ©Ratgirl Productions 2017, Characters belong to their respective owners.

Everyone else is welcome to use the stickers freely on Telegram Chats.
Get the sticker pack at:

Happy Holidays and Merry XMAS!