ART Multi-Stream 3-11-2016: Akasha & Dusk by ratcabob

ART Multi-Stream 3-11-2016: Akasha & Dusk


11 March 2016 at 21:26:42 MST

ART MULTI-STREAM: Working on a new monster for Eternal Dragon! I am on the shading stage of the Cactus Monster.
Also joining me today is Akasha Studio : Art by Akasha Orzora, and Asunademonwolf of Fur Affinity, who are both currently open for commission work!

Come watch at the link below and I am also taking music requests. đŸŽ¶

Afterward I may be working on more of the raffle prize art too! I will update you all as I get this piece done.

If you want to know more about this upcoming video game, and find a playable demo, visit