Let There Be Rock by Ransom (critique requested)

Let There Be Rock (critique requested)


12 November 2016 at 14:53:06 MST

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Sound! Lights! Drums! Guitar! Let there be rock!

This is a commission for Serris Serris, to be a spread inside the CD sleeve of his upcoming progressive rock album. On the lead guitar, we have Serris the raptor-esque dragon. On the keyboard, Paislee the gecko. And on the bass guitar, :iconalabastre: the deer. It was a challenge, but still a lot of fun to paint! Although I did learn how tedious it is to paint an accurate keyboard, haha.

Check out Serris' work on Soundcloud!


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    Awesome! = )

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      Glad that you like it!

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    Your artistic ability has gotten so much better over time, and this piece is an excellent culmination that shows off all that hard work.

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      I'm flattered, Gerrark! I really feel like I've been improving lately, at a rate much greater than usual. I can't wait to top this one!

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    Making me wish I was more active with the SoundCloud by linking it! Haha, I appreciate that.

    It's such great work, Ransom! I knew choosing you for this was going to be a great decision. Thank you so much, I can't wait to have this printed- both in the booklet and on my wall :D

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      It was a blast to do! It was challenging at parts, but a valuable learning experience too. I was able to complete this much faster than I did similar pieces, so it was good speed practice too! I'm glad that I was able to take part in such a rad project. I'll be showing this one off for a long time. Thanks, Serris!

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    I like the backlighting over the focused poses.

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      Thanks, Sirius!