If You Wanna Bake a Pretty Cake by RamTheDragon

If You Wanna Bake a Pretty Cake


9 June 2014 at 16:40:50 MDT

And here it is everyone! Finally, the complete auction picture for the cake making auction/raffle I held a bit back! It's the first time I use cellshaded for such a big picture and it does look quite nice!

-  wxyzz Attor who CAN'T HOLD ALL THESE EGGS and Venus being threatening with a knife
-  dustinnova being disgruntled at his new hat and Even, panicking at the immediate choppy implement
-  ps111dude Anvil who had a misstep
-  tigerclaw_wi Vanessa looking veeery suspicious at that column of smoke behind Leslie's back
-  rebelnine Rebel getting his face caked (HA) in flour
-  sin_kitama Sin getting just a liiiittle carried away

RAFFLE WINNER was of course   wolfgangthehusky who despite her best efforts will not see a cake fruitfully come from this

Those fashionable aprons were suggested by   bunthulhu and the white chocolate cake recipe was decided by   rafaeli92

Thank you everyone! I already have a sweet idea for the next auction! SO KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE!