The Nøkken by RamTheDragon

The Nøkken


28 January 2015 at 04:48:54 MST

  • Nordic Fuzz con is coming up, and I hope my art is on display then <3

Oh my god, you guys have NO idea how happy I am I can finally submit this. This was made for   nordicfuzzcon a yearly Scandinavian Furry Con held in Sweden. And this year the theme of the Con is The Enchanted Forest - with all that conveys in the scandinavian mythology. More info and stuff in their page here!

So they asked a bunch of talented artists (and me for some reason) to illustrate different mythological creatures. I chose the Nøkken, the monster of the ponds.

The Nøkken is a creature that desperately seeks to drown unsuspecting innocents, like women or children into the depths. In order to do so it will try anything to lure them, water lilies, a handsome male shape or a shimmering white horse - all illusions that will lead naive women and children to their death.

Thank you so so so very much to   leophan for suggesting I take part in this fantastic theme, it honors me to no end. I hope you continue to keep me in mind for all other fantastic projects like this!

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