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Kurokku Speaks OC Review(s)

on 24 March 2015 at 13:57:29 MDT

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Fandoms Open To Review

Club Penguin
Kingdom Hearts

If you are curious if I review your fandom, feel free to ask, I don't know every fandom, however I probably missed a few.

What To Do If You'd Like A Review

TLoZ -- Red Rupee bullet Comment Or Note Me With The Following

Pic(s): (if you have any. If not then just put N/A)

I Will Let You Know If I Can Or Cannot Review Your OC ASAP

Please Understand...

*I Do Have A List. If You Wish To Know Where You Are On The List Or What I'm Doing With/To Your Review, Please Refer To My Page And Look At The 'Art Status' Cutsom Box, It Will Show You Where You're At On The List And How Far I Am With Your Review.

*I Do Have A Life Outside Of DA/YT/The Internet. With A New Puppy Joining Our Family, Homework, Cleaning My Grandmother's House, Etc. I Do Not Always Have Free Time For Reviews, So Please Be Patient And Understand I Will Get To Your Reviews!

*I Will Be Polite But Blunt. I Will Not Sugar Coat Nor Will I Avoid Obvious Flaws In Your Characters. If You Wish Not To Hear/Know The Flaws With Your Character, Then Do Not Request A Review.

*I Make Errors. I Stammer, Stutter, Misread, And Mess Up While Doing Reviews. However, I Also Do Not Edit My Work And Always Make Sure My Points Are Understandable And Valid.

*I Won't Pity You. Pulling Out The Sad Card Will Not Suddenly Make Me Feel Bad And Want To Re-Review Your Character With Suddenly New And Mostly Positive Things. It May Sound Mean, But Reviews Are Meant To Point Out Flaws And Help You Reconstruct Your OC Based On That. I Dislike When People Pull The Pity Card When They ASK For A Review.

*I Am Willing To Give Re-Reviews. If You Are Unsatisfied With My Review Or Have Edited The Bio And Want Me To Check It Again, Feel Free To Ask. Though Please Note, You Will Be Put To The Bottom Of The List Like Everyone Else. No Special Treatments For Re-Reviews.

*I Don't Take Kindly To Hostility/Harassment. I Will never Try To Be Mean Or Hurt You In A Review, However If You Lash Out With Hostility Towards Me In A Review For You Or Someone Else, You Will Be Ignored And Left Without A Comment. If You Have Concerns/Are Not Pleased, Approach Me Like An Adult And We Can Discuss The Issue.

*I'm Not Saying I'm Better Than Anyone. I Know I'm Not. Some OCs Are Better Than My Own. All My Suggestions Are Just That- Suggestions.

*I'm Not Going To Pretend Your OC Is Perfect.

*This Channel Is For Improvement, If You Cannot Handle Your OCs Being Criticized, Then Please Do Not Ask For A Review.

*All Reviews Are Asked For. I Do Not Review OCs Without The Owner's Permission. This Helps Prevent Drama.

*You May Ask To Have Your Review Taken Down. Out of common kindness, I will take down review videos the requester pleads for me to remove. However, please note that taking them down will take time due to the fact I have to be on my large computer to preform said tasks, and I am only with my big computer at night.

Thanks to all those who have already asked me for reviews. I'm really pleased that so many people want to improve and come to me for reviews~ It means a lot! <3

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