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Approaching cataclysm by Themefinland by Rakan

Approaching cataclysm by Themefinland


30 December 2017 at 05:59:00 MST

The chronicler finished up the most recent entry in the dim light of his torch, paint still dripping from his fingers.
He sighed - the wall of record contained the whole history of his tribe, reaching back for generations.
But he always wondered about the past that was lost during the great war, about the untold stories and miracles of the ancients.
Nothing was known about their civilization - even though it's traces were all around them, it's artifacts impervious to study.
​A thunder rolled over the plains - and Rakan looked towards the thunderstorm on the horizon.
The terrible reminder of the war that spelled doom for the ancients was approaching.
He always wondered what kind of godlike powers the ancients must've been able to wield - for their lasting legacy was still able to be a scourge on their lives after all the time that has passed.
Another thunder shattered the night, pulling him out of his thoughts.
The others of his tribe were already in the safety of their shelters - he should hurry to join them.

This truly epic commission by Themefinland ( ) for Rakan ( ) shows the chronicler of a tribe as he watches the approaching thunderstorm.