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Rule of Cool by Latex by Rakan

Rule of Cool by Latex


30 December 2017 at 13:26:34 MST

"The limit of the willing suspension of disbelief for any given element is directly proportional to its awesomeness." -- The Rule of Cool

Instead of starting discussions about the flammability of fur and the velocity of sparks, you should just enjoy the awesomeness of the picture.
This is a picture from a furry universe anyway, so there can be lots of creative explanations for everything: For example as a werewolf he could just regenerate any burned fur very quickly; there could be some dragon in his ancestry, giving him fire resistant fur; he could use fire retardant shampoo or spray; he could have sweat glands that keep the fur moist enough that singed fur is not a problem; or MAGIC!

Anyway - my LARP character is also a blacksmith - so here is a nice picture of him in action...

This amazing picture was created by latex ( ) for Rakan ( )