The Tiger by RainbowFoxy

The Tiger


6 April 2015 at 21:50:46 MDT

One of my favorite traditional pieces still to date. Black and white charcoal on colored paper.

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    Goodness, I've never been able to handle charcoal properly and what wrangling I've ever done with it still comes out a cluttered mess. Not so with you though! I delight in looking at all of the tiny details you so painstakingly rendered, especially with the varying lengths of fur and those eyes especially.

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      Thank you! The trick with charcoal is to start from the left (if you are right handed) so that you don't smudge everything as you work. If you must work while on top of already places areas, lay down a paper to put your hand down on so you don't smudge anything under it! nwn That is how I did this piece, and before doing the white, I set the black layer so it would not smudge (you can use hairspray or proper fixative!)

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        My problem is less with smudging (I learned my lesson from that enough with keeping my paper clean from doing so much graphite!) and more with the fact that I have a hard time keeping charcoal "under control" as far as keeping the lines crisp and neat, haha. Probably why I prefer to stick to pencil for the most part. I definitely agree on using fixative though; workable fixative is an absolute must-have in my opinion.

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          ooooh, buy some charcoal pencils! And always have them sharpened for crisp lines if you do line work. And when you sharpen them, use an eyeliner sharpener. Wood pencil eyeliner is super fragile in terms of the makeup vs the somewhat tough wood, so the sharpeners are like freaking scalpels. Zero breakage/fails about 96% of the time.

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    Incredible work. This piece took my breath away.

    I love charcoal!