Shoulders to Lean On by RainbowFoxy

Shoulders to Lean On


8 June 2017 at 09:54:39 MDT

This was the transparent version of my submission for the GremCorps prompt raffle thingie.
This is my latest Grem2; I got him a little while back from the grem2 DTA raffle, and I had developed how I wanted his physique to look and what his backstory/place was, but I just hadn't draw him yet!

I had this sketched up around while I was still in finals, and finally got to color it and finish it up like a week ago. My big gorgeous strong bb. Traditional/digital hybrid media.

Apollo (grem) and Athena spend some time together working through their fitness routines at the beach prior to getting to their photoshoot and striking poses for fitness magazine photos. Catch them later in the week at Athena's gym, Olympus Fitness!

Whew, it was a rush to color and finish this while on the go. Had the sketch done as a little relaxing break from finals all the way at the start of May. Finally finished, and my first time finally making a finished drawing my latest grem!

Apollo and Athena belong to me RainbowFoxy
Grem2 are a closed species by MrGremble !

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